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The wearing of correct school uniform is compulsory. This is incorporated in the Home School Agreement. The main benefits are that it helps pupils identify with the school, gives them a sense of belonging, and disguises social and economic differences between pupils.

All items of school uniform are compulsory.                                                                                                                  
Parents/carers can decide when they wish for their child to wear the winter or summer uniform.                    
The PE kit should only be worn on PE, swimming or club days, unless otherwise advised by the school.          
When wearing the school uniform, children should wear black school shoes only, and not black trainers.       
Pupils must wear the full and correct PE kit to school on the days they have PE; this is instead of their school uniform. They should wear trainers rather than pumps.                                                                                
Children are not permitted to wear jewellery to school, this includes earrings. If children are getting their ears pierced, this should be done in the first week of the summer holidays to give them plenty of time to heal. Children may wear plastic retainers.                                                                                                                      
Long hair should be tied back. Hairstyles should be appropriate to wearing a school uniform. Hair accessories must be kept to a minimum and in school colours only (e.g. no big bows).                                        
All children’s clothing and footwear should be labelled with your child’s name.                                                     
It is compulsory for children to bring the navy school book bag into school each day. New starters in the Early Years will be provided with a school bag funded by the Friends association.                                                                Pupils are permitted to bring one pump bag into school for any after schools they may attend. Holdalls and rucksacks are not permitted for Health and Safety reasons.                                                                                       
Any lost uniform may be found in Lost Property.                                                                                                          
No items of the school uniform are required to have the school and Trust logos on (other than the school book bag which is provided free of charge when your child joins the school), although parents/ carers may wish to purchase items with the logos on.                                                                                                                      
Items of school uniform can be purchased widely.                                                                                                       
The following retailers stock school items with logos, tie and school book bag.

Please speak to the school office if you are interested in second-hand items of school uniform.