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Becoming a Committee Member is a rewarding way of making an important contribution to education. It can help you develop your existing skills and learn new ones.

Who can become a Committee Member ?

Anyone aged 18 or over can become a school or college Committee Member. No specialist qualifications are needed and people from many different backgrounds volunteer for the role.
Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are the most important qualities. You don’t need to have a family member attending a school or college to become a Committee Member.

Role of Committee Members

  • Is appointed by the Board of Directors and can be removed by Board of Directors
  • Carries out delegated responsibilities from the Board of Directors linked to standards, curriculum, attendance, safeguarding and Christian Distinctiveness and ethos
  • Works as a ‘sub-committee’ of Board of Directors
  • Must comply with the Nolan Principles of public life

The Committee Members in our school is made up of:

•  Church or Diocese representatives
•  Staff representatives
•  Community members, including parents