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Safeguarding and Wellbeing

At Rainhill St Ann’s Church of England Primary School, we are fully committed to the safeguarding of our Pupils. To this end, we believe that all adults who come into contact with our pupils have a duty of care to Safeguard and promote their welfare.

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is one that provides clear direction to staff and others about expected codes of behaviour in dealing with safeguarding and child protection issues. This policy also makes explicit the school’s commitment to the development of good practice and sound internal school procedures. This ensures that safeguarding and child protection concerns and referrals may be handled sensitively, professionally and in ways, which support the needs of the child.

Aims of the Policy

The aim of this policy is to safeguard and promote our pupil’s welfare, safety, health and guidance by fostering an honest, open, caring and supportive climate. The pupil’s welfare is of paramount importance. There are three main elements to our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy:

a) Prevention - That caring relationships with children, parents, carers and families are built on mutual trust and respect. Staff throughout the school will meet with parents on a regular basis to discuss concerns and parents are welcome at all other times to make an appointment if they need to speak to a member of staff. Attendance is vital; school operates a first day contact system in the case of unexplained absence from school which in some cases is followed up by a home visit.

b) Protection - We ensure that children know that there are adults in the school who they can approach if they are worried or are in difficulty. There are identified key workers across school. Staff are trained at a basic level in safeguarding and are made aware of the need to be observant and to monitor the children in their care i.e. to notice changes in appearance and behaviour, patterns of absence etc. Staff are aware of the need to respond appropriately and sensitively to safeguarding concerns. The Safeguarding Flowchart (Appendix 2) and Continuum of Need are displayed in Designated Safeguarding Lead’s (DSL) and Headteacher’s offices. All Teachers have access to a copy of the guidance material, Working Together to Safeguard Children either from the DSL, school email user group, Staffroom Noticeboard or on the LSCB website.

c) Support - Children have the opportunity throughout the day to talk to adults in school. Informal support is offered to parents / carers through coffee mornings, parent’s courses and information evenings. Information relating to community services is displayed on the parents’ board. Children have accessed training in supporting their peers through such schemes as activity leaders and peer mentoring. More formal support is offered through the Attendance Procedures and where appropriate through Early Help Assessment Tool (EHAT) and THINK FAMILY procedures. Adults who have been involved in any part of a safeguarding/child protection issue will be offered support and, if appropriate, support from outside agencies will be sought.

Designated Safeguarding Leads

If you have any Safeguarding or health and safety concerns these should be reported to a Designated Safeguarding Officer.


Mrs Laura Rynn (Headteacher)

Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Designated LAC Teacher   


Miss Emma Reed (Assistant Headteacher)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Stacey McDowell (Deputy Headteacher)       

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Pastoral Team

St Ann's Church of England Primary School has a dedicated team responsible for Pupil safety and wellbeing. We believe that supporting the whole child enables our pupils to achieve to their full potential.

  Mrs Claire Martin (Family Support Worker)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


  Beverley Allcock (Pastoral Support)

Emotional Well-being

Every child is important and we want them to feel safe, happy and cared for.

If your child is unhappy at school and needs someone to listen, please encourage them to speak to any adult who will inform Mrs Port.

If you have a worry about your child at school, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Rynn, either through the school office, telephoning 0151 426 5869 or via email for our attention at

Please click on the link below for St Helens Local Safeguarding Board

Please Click here for the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and other related Policies.

For free health and wellbeing support and advice click on the following link