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RE Planning

In our teaching of Religious Education (R.E.), we are always striving for excellence, reflecting the school’s distinctive Christian character.

St Ann’s CE Primary School is a Voluntary Aided Schools and as such the management of Religious Education is a distinctive role of the Governors and Head Teacher. At St Ann’s Church of England Primary School the Religious Education provided is in conformity with the rites, practices and doctrines of the Church of England as laid down in the Trust Deed.

The teaching of Religious Education at St Ann’s maintains a balanced approach between Learning about Religion (Attainment Target 1) and Learning from Religion (Attainment Target 2).

Parental Rights of Withdrawal in a Voluntary Aided School.

The Worship and Religious Education provided by the school is in accordance with the Church of England. This foundation is also reflected in the curriculum and the whole life of the school community. Since the conduct of the school as a whole reflects the Church of England ethos, removal of pupils from Worship and/or Religious Education (as parents are legally entitled to do) cannot insulate them from the religious life of the school.