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Philosophy 4 Children

“ I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”

- Socrates

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a powerful educational approach which has been found through research studies to have cognitive and social benefits for children and schools.

It is centred on philosophical enquiry, where children are encouraged to think and reason as a group. As a result attainment and happiness of pupils is increased.  The phrase community of enquiry emphasises a search for understanding, meaning, truth and values supported by reason, in an environment of cooperation, care, respect and safety.

Crucially Philosophy for Children  is not aimed at inculcating any particular moral teaching, what it does is assist children to think and speak intelligently about issues that are important to them, thereby promoting critical and creative thought within a collaborative and caring environment.

Philosophy for Children supports Personal, Social and Health education and complements many government initiatives and education strategies.Philosophy for Children is used in around 2500 school in UK. The programme was started 40 years ago and now  is used in 45 countries.