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Online Safety

We know that being online and using apps and games is part of everyday life for most pupils, however, it is your responsibility to make sure you stay safe online.  Just like the rules that we have in school for keeping safe online, you need to make sure that you follow the same rules at home.  If you are worried about something you have seen, or something that has been said to you online, you need to tell an adult immediately.

These rules will keep everyone safe and ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

1. I will use the Internet responsibly.
2. In school, I will only search for content appropriate and relevant to my lessons.
3. I understand that information I compose, send and receive, as well as saved work and the Internet sites I visit via my Three Saints account belongs to the trust and can be checked by others as necessary.
4. I understand my Internet activity is monitored.
5. I will only communicate with school staff and pupils using the appropriate communications system (MSTEAMS)
6. I will not access other people’s files.
7. I will use school devices for school work and homework only.
8. I will not bring USB memory sticks into school without permission.
9. I will only communicate via the Internet with people I know, or my teacher has approved.
10. Messages (text or images) I send will be polite and sensible.
11. I will not share personal information e.g. my home address, phone number, login details, unless my parent/carer or teacher has given permission.
12. To help protect other pupils and myself, I will tell a teacher if I see anything that I am unhappy with, or I receive a message I do not like.

Below are some websites that have games and information that will help you understand how to use the Internet safely, and what to do if there is a problem.