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How do we identify SEN

When pupils have identified SEN before they start school, we work with the people who already know them (teachers, teaching assistants, parents, outside agencies) and then use this information to work out how best to support your child in our school.

If you think your child has SEN, in the first incidence this should be discussed with your child’s class teacher.  As a school we will then share with you what we think and agree what the next steps should be so we can all work together to help your child.

If our staff think that your child requires additional support we will observe them; assess their understanding of what they are learning in school and use assessments to pinpoint what is causing their difficulty. This may involve other professionals, for example Speech and Language therapists or the Educational Psychologist, but parents will be consulted first.

How do we inform parents about concern?

If your child is identified as having a particular difficulty with their learning, then we will set up a meeting with you to share concerns and discuss what action may be needed.

Informal updates will also be given via the school reading diaries, chats at the end of the school day or through phone calls.

How do we meet pupil’s needs?

Depending on your child’s level of need, we will use high quality teaching, targeted in class support and intervention sessions out of class. You can find more information in the SEN Policy.

All our staff adapt materials and work for each pupil so every child is able to access the curriculum and make progress. Where necessary, we create a personalised curriculum to ensure that all students with SEN have access to a broad and balance curriculum.

Who is responsible for pupils’ needs?

Your child’s class teacher has day to day responsibility for your child’s welfare and learning.

The SENCO, in conjunction with the class teacher, teaching assistants, parents and pupils, will write and implement your child’s Support Plan should they need one, and will direct all staff support to best help your child.

Miss Buckley is the SENCO with overall responsibility for ensuring that your child’s needs are met.

Who will be the regular point of contact?

Your child’s class teacher will be your regular contact for matters regarding your child.

The class teacher may then pass on your concerns to Miss Buckley (SENCO)

You can contact the school office to arrange an appointment to see either your child’s class teacher at any time or alternatively email