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In order to deepen our pupils’ understanding of the topic they are learning about in our Lunar Curriculum, St Ann’s has created many tasks for depth which we call ‘Constellations’. These Constellations transform our curriculum by promoting our pupils’ learning in an innovative way through the introduction of digital badges via an online learning platform, Makewaves.

Makewaves is a safe social platform allowing children to learn, create and display their achievements in any number of different curriculum areas. Our Constellations create a powerful record of achievement that grows with our children over time. They provide an extra level of challenge and allow teachers to track progress, give feedback and support students of all levels. They also allow our pupils to follow their own interests and we believe that, by completing these tasks for depth, our Lunar Curriculum will have a greater impact upon our pupils as they will be able to build a rich digital profile that can truly represent them.

Our pupils can take part in fun learning missions created by the St Ann’s teachers and other high profile partners and earn rewards for their work. The children can write, film, record or upload media or other forms of evidence to support their learning in the classroom or outside of school with the website making it safe to share blogs, videos and photographs within the St Ann’s community.

Parents/carers are highly encouraged to involve themselves in our Constellations and they can follow their child's learning journey, provide encouragement and share in updates on their child’s progress.

Follow this link to begin your journey: