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Blue Sky Experiences

In consultation with staff and pupils, we have created a set of 50 key experiences to widen our curriculum that your child will have a chance to take part in during their time in St Ann’s. We have called this initiative our ‘Blue Sky Experiences’. Our Blue Sky Experiences offer an opportunity to motivate and connect our pupils and encourage them to appreciate and understand classroom concepts, which increase their knowledge foundation, promoting further learning and higher-level thinking strategies. Where positive school experiences are forged, this can greatly enhance children’s enjoyment of school, impacting not only upon their wellbeing but also having a knock on effect academically.

Our 50 Blue Sky Experiences will:

  • Ensure your child receives a more rounded curriculum through a range of varied opportunities that they may not get the chance to experience outside of school;
  • Create an atmosphere where positive interpersonal relationships are created, allowing our pupils to feel a ‘sense of belonging’ as part of our wider school community;
  • Allow our pupils the chance to be active learners, and to be involved in hands-on activities;
  • Develop Pupils' character and improve pupils’ resilience and self-confidence;
  • Foster deeper relationships between peers and between students and teachers;
  • Support pupils’ achievement;
  • Improve pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • Ensure children are becoming actively involved in the life of the school;
  • Support pupils' mental and physical health and wellbeing.