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Behaviour Curriculum

At St Ann’s we have a curriculum for behaviour. Our behaviour curriculum is commonly referred to as our ‘St Ann’s Standard.’ Our St Ann’s Standard is unapologetically high because we want the best for our pupils and we know children feel safe, secure and happy when expectations are clear. Our St Ann’s Standard is centred around the 3Cs. The 3Cs are: Courtesy, Care and Concentration. The 3Cs are a golden thread that can be applied in almost all scenarios. This means classes do not require individual charters or rules. Children are rewarded for demonstrating the 3Cs. They are revisited often, and displayed around the school.  Everyone knows and lives by our 3Cs. 


Good behaviour is rewarded and praised at our school including Rights Respecting behaviour. Our staff actively look for good behaviour and praise and reward in the following ways:

  • Positive praise
  • Stickers
  • Text message/phone call home to parents/ carers
  • Dojos (linked to houses, 3Cs, Christian Values, Rights of a Child, British Values)
  • Achievement Award
  • 3Cs Award for Courtesy, Care and Concentration
  • Rights Respecting Hero Award
  • Hot Chocolate with the Head
  • Annual Awards Evening invitation
  • Attendance Awards

What behaviour have you been rewarded for?