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This school is a place where everyone has the right to be themselves. It is a place where everyone can feel safe, be happy and learn. Everyone at our school is equal and acts with respect and kindness towards each other.  At our school we have a zero tolerance attitude to bullying and believe in our Christian values of Friendship and Forgiveness.  We know that sometimes we have disagreements with our friends, and when this happens it can be upsetting. 

Bullying is more than just a falling out with friends, it is when someone is hurting and purposefully upsetting you one more than one occasion.  Think about the STOP rule for bullying: Several Times OPurpose. 

If you have had a disagreement with someone or think that bullying is happening to you or someone else, tell an adult immediately – we can’t help if we don’t know!  You can:

  • Talk to a teacher or another trusted adult in school
  • Speak to the Wellbeing Team
  • Tell a friend and ask them to go to an adult with you to talk about what’s happening
  • Click on the Need to Talk button below to send a message to Mrs Crowther


  • Don’t try and ignore it – bullying is never ok and needs dealing with
  • Telling someone won’t make it worse – when adults know, they will be able to help
  • It’s not your fault – there are lots of reasons that people behave in unkind ways, and it isn’t because you have done something wrong

Here are some websites that give some more information: